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360 degree feedback is an excellent method for:

  • Helping people build on their strengths
  • Addressing personal development needs
  • Developing a person's career

Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

The principal benefits of the 360 Degree Feedback process are:

  • Provides participants with constructive feedback on their performance and behaviours
  • Feedback is obtained from a wide range of people who don't normally contribute to a person's performance review/appraisal.
  • More open and relevant feedback is obtained
  • Self awareness is provided through a "reality check" between the person's perception of their skills and how a range of people view their performance
  • Participants have the opportunity to discuss their feedback with a performance coach who can help analyse results and work with the person to decide on actions.

It's easy to use

Our system is easy to use. You tell us who you want us to invite and we provide you with a pack that you email to your respondents.

They complete the survey on-line and three weeks after we send you the pack, we produce the confidential report and provide a 60 minute feedback session with an experienced coach.

There are no restrictions on the number of people who you can invite. All they need is access to the internet and 30 minutes of their time.

It is that easy.

Leadership and Management Competencies

We offer a standard 360 tool, based on general workplace competencies. The competencies are:

Organisation and Planning - the ability to be planful, make appropriate decisions, meet deadlines and schedule activity

Analysis and Problem Solving - ability to analyse, investigate and solve issues creatively

Communication and Influence - the ability to influence and persuade others - staff, colleagues, customers and to actively manage the communication process.

Team-working - the ability to develop effective teams and collaborate with colleagues across organisations

Accountability - The ability to see things through, whilst acting in accord with professional and organisation standards

Change Management - the ability to respond & adapt to changing situations. The ability to adapt to behaviour and approaches to new information.

Creativity and Innovation - the ability to generate new ideas and maximise innovation to increase effectiveness

Managing Self - the ability to take responsibility for improving own performance and personal effectiveness

Customer Focus - the ability to respond to customer needs and demonstrate a passion for delivering high quality

Drive and Perseverance - the ability to maintain a high degree of motivation and personal commitment to work of the highest possible standard; overcoming obstacle and challenges.

Leadership and Inspiring - the ability to lead and inspire individuals/groups towards achieving goals

Commercial and Organisational Effectiveness - the ability to apply understanding of the company & industry to improve effectiveness & profitability

Strategic Awareness - the ability to create direction and focus for the organisation towards a goal.

Tailoring 360 to your organisation

This tool is designed for those in a middle to senior management position. We can be tailor this to meet the needs of your organisation. For example, a more specific set of roles such as sales.

We continue to successfully run 360 degree feedback systems for a number of clients. These re based on our tool and we if you are interested in our 360 Degree Feedback capabilities, please call the MVR office on 01825 712373 or email us.

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Discover your strengths using our standard 360 degree tool

We offer the on-line questionnaire with unlimited participants. Feedback report is supplemented by a one hour feedback session with an experienced, qualified coach.

The cost for this service is £100 (including VAT)

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