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Affirmations are a powerful technique for personal change. An affirmation is a  positive, personal statement about an aspect of our life. For example:


Affirmations are always expressed in the personal, positive and present tense, hence I (Personal) AM (Positive and Present).

Other examples include: 

I feel terrific

I weigh x kilos.

I like myself

I consistently exceed my sales targets by y%.

You can develop affirmations to:

  • Build commitment to achieving your dreams
  • To eliminate bad habits (by using positive opposites to programme new behaviours)

Affirmations help you move toward new behaviours and can have a significant impact on self-esteem.

Success Story

I have found affirmations work. Until I discovered Affirmations, I had never enjoyed selling. Running my own business, however, requires me to "sell". As part of every sales call, I rehearse before the call with

"I am a great salesperson and deliver amazing results for clients."

What I have found is this puts me in the right frame of mind, i.e. I am prepared for the call.  I am confident and can remember all the times I have delivered real value to our customers.

Our sales at MVR have increased 50% over two years ago. Affirmations help!

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