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We tailor each coaching intervention to the needs of the Individual and their Organisation. The overall benefits of our approach are:

  • Secure & confidential vehicle for managers to develop their personal performance
  • Enabling individuals to move beyond training to achieving results
  • Understanding different Leadership styles and developing flexibility of style
  • General Management Skills Development
  • Personal Leadership and Self Awareness

We utilise the "GROW" model in our coaching work. This stands for:

  • Goals
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Way Forward

We use a four-phase approach to our Executive Coaching:

Phase One: Develop Formal Commitments
During this phase we meet with the individual and their manager/ sponsors to identify the performance issues, formulate outcomes, clarify expectations and gain commitment. We would begin the "diagnostic" element of the coaching, using tools such as Myers Briss (MBTI Step Two), Firo-B, 360 Degree Feedback, Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment. At this stage we establish the goals for the individual.

Phase Two: Creation of Professional Development Plan
During this phase we gather information about the client's performance issues, we will review any existing performance data, conduct some interviews and complete the diagnostic element of the coaching. We will provide feedback and help the client create a professional development plan. This stage establish the reality for the person. We would help the person re-evaluate their goals and gain commitment for the Coaching Phase.

Phase Three: The Coaching
During this phase the coaching process begins in earnest. Depending on requirements this can be a mixture of face-to-face, telephone and email sessions. There is complete flexibility with regards to method. This stage explores the options available to the person and the coaching is focused on helping the person realise their goals.

Phase Four:Evaluate and Follow-up
During the final phase we report on the individual's progress (if required), evaluate the coaching assignment and help the individual build support structures to maintain new behaviours and relationships.

If you are interested in our Coaching Program please call the MVR office on 01825 712373 or email us.

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