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"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you."
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It is medically proven that laughter is a great medicine. It is a great way to beat stress. Laugh and have more fun. It does wonders for your spirits when you laugh. It also produces a chemical reaction in your brain - so learn to laugh more.  That's why many of the films and the websites we recommend are designed to make you smile.

Laughter is a great enabler to better relationships. If nothing else it provides a sense of perspective on what matters. The ability to laugh at yourself often diffuses conflict.

Bringing laughter into your life...

Surround yourself with cartoons, films that are fun or uplifting, and people that make you smile and laugh. Here are some examples of things you can do:

Watch Films to make you smile (Click for recommendations)


The following links are to sites that we have found raise our spirits.


The coolest cat's official site - lots of fun stuff


British Cartoonist (Alex Hallett) who's work is both funny and thought provoking


The worst leader on the planet

Smile at people that you meet in the street - you will find they will often smile back

Put on your smiley face in the morning and leave the frown in the wardrobe - it takes less muscles to smile than frown. You choose which face you wear.

Do something fun - go to an amusement park:

or any other activity that makes you and your family/friends laugh.

"Laughter is the most civilised music in the world"
Peter Ustinov


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