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13th April - Free Taster Coaching Session
We are offering free taster coaching sessions for individuals.

The session lasts an hour and explores your personal goals and potential ways forward.

The session is conducted over the telephone and is with an experienced executive and life coach.

To book, contact us on 01825 712373.


19th November 2009 - Packages Announcement

Team Development Packages
We are announcing a set of team development packages that provide a way of determining how much you wish to spend against how much you want to accelerate the development of your team. These packages provide a significant discount on regular rates and are delivered to our consistently, high standard.





Two day development/building session

Myers Briggs for team

Fun team development activities/exercises

Follow-up survey to assess team development

Team Leader Coaching


Quarterly Goal Sessions


Quarterly Team Survey


Coaching for team members



Core team skills training (upto 5 days)



360 degree feedback for each team member



Package Cost




We believe that the packages represent great value. They are a significant reduction on the standard rate we charge for team development activity. The anticipated benefits of the packages are:




Understanding of team members and
their preferences (using MBTI and other tools as needed)
Building trust between members
Team Diagnostic/assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement

All the benefits of the bronze package plus:
Coaching sessions for the team leader to embed the development work
3 quarterly goal sessions with the team to review progress and determine key goals for next quarter

All the benefits of the bronze and silver packages plus:
Quarterly team climate survey to track progress and identify issues

Coaching for team members and additional training as needed
Use of 360 degree feedback mechanism as part of team development. Coaching will supplement 360 degree feedback

The teams that have ustilised the Gold package have gone on to become high performing teams. The package provides powerful tools that help any team become a "winning" team.

For more details click here.


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