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We offer a wide range of courses in a number of subjects. These workshops can be run as either Public or Inhouse  courses. In 2011, we are offering a limited number of public courses (see below).





Change Management


Dealing With Change







Leadership of Change






Leadership Development

Front-Line Team Leadership

Leadership & Mastery


High Impact Leadership

Organisational Spirit

Customer Service Excellence


Re-awakening the Spirit

Leadership for Excellence

Personal Development








Personal Leadership




Time Management
23rd March - Nr. Uckfield, East Sussex

Influence & Negotiation Skills
17th February - Nr. Uckfield East Sussex
Getting to Grips with Projects
17th March - Nr. Uckfield, East Sussex
22nd June - Nr. Uckfield, East Sussex
24th November - East Sussex

At MVR we provide a highly, cost effective training solutions. We work with you to identify the most cost effective solution. This maybe a public, in-house training, coaching or a combination of solutions. If you would like to discuss your training needs or if you require further information, please call the MVR office on 01825 712373 or e-mail us at the address below.


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