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Helping Achieve Potential                Issue 9   February/March 2010


Making Changes

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson, Author

I have been contemplating many issues around change. The last two years have seen unprecedented levels of change and somehow things are going to continue to change just as rapidly. The are tsunamis of change taking place.

  • Climate Change
  • Business Ethics
  • Role of Governments - regulation vs. deregulation
  • Global politics - rise of China and India, the Middle East
  • Poverty in developing countries - fairtrade movement

In my own life, there are changes - we may be moving home and leaving the village we live in. My oldest son will be able to learn to drive in 6 months and is studying hard for his GCSEs. Our 18 month-old is about to talk, climbs stairs and is changing daily. The work I do is changing - there is less work around. It's all about making changes.

So for this newsletter - my first of the new year, I thought I would focus on making changes.

Getting it Right - The Fundamentals of being a change agent

A long while ago I developed a toolkit for change agents, and in the last week or so, I have updated this. I came across the following checklist for change agents. I hope this helps you with the changes that you face:

The fundamentals of change agency require constant vigilance on some key factors:

Be Outcomes Focus - change wants evidence of results

  • What is that you are trying to achieve - how will this benefit the organisation?
  • What would success look like when you have achieved the change?
  • What are the key things that have to be done to achieve this success?
  • Focus on the senior team - they need to actively lead the change and be visible; are they?

Perception of the Change Ok, now you have answered these questions, honestly ask yourself:

  • How is the change perceived in the organisation?
  • What are the levels of commitment like categorised by Leaders, Middle Managers and Front-line?
  • How can you move these groups to being motivated to make the change?
  • What work streams may be needed to achieve the envisaged outcomes/success measures?
  • Use the McKinsey 7S Framework to think through the areas requiring activity.

It's about change - often of values and behaviours

  • Remember the shared values element of the 7S Framework. What values, behaviours, and/or ways of working are critical to the change?
  • How is the top team modelling these?
  • What needs to be done to get these understood and part of the DNA of the organisation?
  • What changes do you need to model to symbolise what needs to be done differently?

Don't throw the baby out…

  • What exists that supports the change the organisation is seeking?
  • What evidence do you have good practices in the organisation
  • Can it be used as a platform?
  • How will the story be captured to ensure the knowledge gained through the change is not lost?

Prepare, prepare…

  • How are you going to organise the change?
  • How are you going to prepare those impacted by the change?
  • What is the human plan and how well does it support the tactical plan?
  • Communication is the essential an ingredient/tool for making changes happen.

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men, Gang aft agley (from "To a Mouse" by Robbie Burns)

  • Are there completing plans/changes taking place in an organisation?
  • How is this to be resolved? " How are you going to measure progress?
  • What structures will be in place - (Programme Board, Programme Team, etc,)

Now you can get on and write the PID/Gantt Chart etc...

If you require experienced change agents/managers, we have experts available immediately. Give us a call on 01825 712373 to discuss how we can support you.



Change Agent Toolkit

As I mentioned above, I have been working on updating the Change Agent Toolkit. The revised toolkit contains over 40 tools that I use when working on change projects. Included are tool that help any change agent to:

  1. Prepare for changes
  2. Open up discussions and ideas
  3. Focus ideas and turn these into application
  4. Plan and make change stick

These help a change agent deal with the many questions raised by the article above. The toolkit retails for £30 per copy. Click on the paypal link to purchase a copy.


Team Development Packages

We are still selling our team development packages that provide a way of determing how much you wish to spend against how much you want to accelerate the development of a team. These packages provide a significant discount on regular rates and are delivered to our consistently, high standard.





Two day development/building session

Myers Briggs for team

Fun team development activities/exercises

Follow-up survey to assess team development

Team Leader Coaching


Quarterly Goal Sessions


Quarterly Team Survey


Coaching for team members



Core team skills training (upto 5 days)



360 degree feedback for each team member



Package Cost




I believe that the packages represent great value. They are a significant reduction on the standard rate we charge for team development activity. The anticipated benefits of the packages are:




Understanding of team members and
their preferences (using MBTI and other tools as needed)
Building trust between members
Team Diagnostic/assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement

All the benefits of the bronze package plus:
Coaching sessions for the team leader to embed the development work
3 quarterly goal sessions with the team to review progress and determine key goals for next quarter

All the benefits of the bronze and silver packages plus:
Quarterly team climate survey to track progress and identify issues

Coaching for team members and additional training as needed
Use of 360 degree feedback mechanism as part of team development. Coaching will supplement 360 degree feedback

The teams that have ustilised the Gold package have gone on to become high performing teams. The package provides powerful tools that help any team become a "winning" team.

Taster Sessions

We are still offering 90 minute taster sessions for all the training we provide. Why not take advantage of this for your team and begin to experience what we offer.

Call us on 01825 712373 and ask for our more details and to book a taster session.

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