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An assumed constraint is a belief you have,
based on past experience,
that limits your current and future experiences.

Ken Blanchard, Self Leadership

Every person has potential. There are those who believe that potential is unlimited beyond our own self limits. Our personal development workshops are designed to help you reach your potential.

Translating potential into performance can be achieved through training and development. We train our body, and we can train our mind, we can develop the right attitude and through this can clarify what we wish to achieve in our life.

Our workshops and tools are designed to help you turn potential into results.

Personal Leadership Workshop - A 2 Day workshop that explores how individuals can maximise their potential

Management Skills Analysis - A simple questionnaire that explores your skills and areas of strength and development

Leadership & Mastery Workshop - An intensive 3 day developmental program to harness your inner leadership strengths to achieve your personal dreams

360 Degree Feedback - We offer peer and subordinate feedback facilities - allied with coaching

Click on the above to find out more details or call the MVR Office on 01825 712373 if you would like to discuss your personal development needs.


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