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spirit /'spirit/ n. & v. n. 1 a the vital animating
essence of a person or animal b the intelligent
non-physical part of a person; the soul  3 a  mental
or moral condition or attitude; a mood; a tendency
(public spirit; took it in the wrong spirit)

The Concise Oxford Dictionary

Spirit is that part that is beyond our body - the inner part; the spark. Our Spirit is lifted by many things:-

  • Beauty and nature
  • Art and Music
  • Life
  • Purpose & Vision
  • Laughter and Fun
  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Wholeness
  • Religious Faith

At Making Vision Reality we believe that an organisation that lacks spirit, lacks the vital spark to be successful. It may continue for many years, but it will have mediocre results, down-trodden staff and higher levels of customer dissatisfaction than competitors.

Customers today want to connect with companies that have soul/spirit. Customers want to be delighted, to achieve this it is not enough just to deliver, they demand to be made to feel special. Delivering this level of service is more than smiling nicely, it is about integrity and trust.

These two qualities derive from our spirit. We run a number of programmes designed to help you reawaken the spirit in your organisation.

One example we use in our workshops is the Innocent Drinks Company. In three years they went from one person business with a bit of fruit to a major, multi-pound business. How - by being different, by having spirit. Click here to visit their website.

Call our office if you would like to discuss how we can enliven your organisation or team. Call the office on 01825 712373 or e-mail us at the address below.

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Companies we have found to have spirit:

The Innocent Drinks Company

St. Lukes Ad Agency

Lakeland Ltd.