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MBTI Team Olympics is one of a number of different team events that we run. It is a fun, series of specially designed events to highlight the strengths of different MBTI Types. The event requires a minimum of 15 people and will be run over a day - morning a briefing on MBTI and then the Olympic event.

There are a series of events for each team to complete. It is a competitive event and can be run both outdoors or indoors. There are slight variations depending on venue.

Events include:

  • Blind-person's Basketball
  • Losing Your Marbles
  • Bucket and Water Brigade
  • Three-legged golf
  • Coconot so shy
  • Dot Circuits Relay
  • The Impossible Puzzle
  • Compassless Orienteering

The events are designed not to be too strenious and therefore everybody can participate.

Other Team Events

We run a number of team events for large and small groups. These include:

  • In the Movies - teams have to develop a short film (one of our most popular team events)
  • Treasure Hunt with a difference
  • The Creativity Challenge - a mix of games that challenge teams to solve problems. It can be run with small and large groups.
  • Survival - An overnight and day event where teams learn the techniques of bushcraft to survive a night outdoors.

If we can help your team by running a team development activity, then call the MVR office on 01825 712373 or email us (see below).

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