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We have considerable experience of helping leaders develop their team. It is our belief that to solve most organisational problems requires teamwork.

We work with teams to help them work through the stages of Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and finally, Deforming. Our proven track record of success is based on using leading edge tools and techniques for creating High Performance Teams.

We use the model above (from Patrick Lencioni - The Five Dysfunctions of a team) in helping team raise their effectiveness.

It takes time for any team to gel. One off-site event, maybe with a "fun" activity does not help the individuals "bond". Whilst we use fun activities within our development activity, there is always a serious reason. The more people work on being a team with a skilled facilitator, the faster results improve.

We run a whole series of different events tailored to your needs. Some examples include:

Team Olympics
This is a fun, series of specially designed events to highlight the strengths of different MBTI Types.

Making Movies
Teams have to develop a short film (one of our most popular team events)

The Creativity Challenge
A team event designed to help develop creativity. Teams have a a mix of games that challenge them to solve problems. It can be run with small and large groups.

Team Survival Challenge
Economic survival requires flexibility and creativity in using the resources at hand, just as surviving on the resources in nature. This activity provides teams with a fun, learning and stimulating challenge - all outdoors

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