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The true strengths indicator is a simple set of four questions designed to help you identify your real strengths. The questions are:

  • What are things (specific activities) that you do that raise your self esteem the most?
  • Skills Used to achieve these activities
  • Skills I love to use
  • Opportunities where I could use the skills I love more at work or in life in general

Self Esteem

We usually enjoy things we are good and this raises our self esteem. Much of this is linked to our personality and experiences. If we love presenting - we should seek opportunities to present.

Skills Used

What skills do you need to perform the activities listed in column one. Using the presentation example - turning concepts into examples that an audience understands; building rapport with groups; and appropriate use of humour can be called upon in performing a great presentation

Skills I love to use

Having identified a list of skills - highlight the ones you truly love using


Finally, consider ways to utilise these skills. Our experience is the more we use our talents (the true strengths), the more satisfied and the greater our self esteem.


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