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£2,000 + VAT
2 Day Workshop

This workshop introduces the concepts, issues, practices and tools that support the successful change program.

Who should attend?
Managers and leaders responsible for initiating organisational change or project managers work on strategic projects.

The aims of the workshop is for attendees to:

  • Identify the process of change
  • Creating the Human Change Plan
  • Identification of barriers
  • Development of strategies for change
  • Use of tools to implement change

Course Outline

  • Problem - Change is Changing
    • Speed of change
    • Industrial to Knowledge Age
    • Coping at the speed of change
  • Leadership Attributes
    • Leaders as Change Agents
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Values, Beliefs & Power
  • Inspiring Others to Change
    • Shared Vision creates alignment
    • Personal character of leadership
    • Organisational Capability
    • Commitment and Dedication
  • Role of Communication
    • Influencing the change
    • How communication works
    • Modelling Behaviours
    • When, what & how to communicate
  • Teamwork and its role in change
    • Team roles and lifecycle
    • Behaviours, conflict & impact
    • Leading & Facilitating teams
  • Fatal Traps of Leaders
    • Common errors that leaders make
    • How to avoid them
    • Keeping the change sustainable
  • Personal Development
    • Development of your skills
    • Personal Action Plan

This workshop is one of our most popular workshops. We are often asked to run a series of workshops on this subject as part of a change management program.

If you would like to discuss this or any other training needs or if you require further information, please call the MVR office on 01825 712373 or e-mail us at the address below.


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