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Duration - 1 Day
12 Delegates Max.

£399 + VAT
for first delegate

£349 + VAT
for additional delegates


> Overview
Your Relative Quality (how your products/services compare against your competitors) is the most significant factor in your company's survival Market share increases if customers feel that relative quality is high. In addition, a quality focus can lower costs. What are you waiting for?

> Who should attend?
Managers responsible for customer service, strategic planning and leaders looking to create competitive advantage.

Available Dates

Gatwick Area
28 March 2006
31 October 2006

> Aims
The aims of the workshop is for attendees to:

- Motivate you and your team to aspire to quality
- Develop your leadership skills
- Build customer loyalty through excellence

> Course Outline
o What is Service Quality?
o Why it is essential
o Role of Trust and Integrity in Excellence
o Your Actual Quality and Ideal Q
o Developing Loyalty
o Inspirational Companies
o Recognising Personal Excellence
o Setting Excellence Goals
o Personal Action Planning

Customers like to feel good, they like to feel special. This goes beyond delight - get it right and they may just tell others, get it wrong and 99 other people get to hear about. This workshop will help you improve customer satisfaction.

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"Quality is never an accident,
it is always the result of intelligent effort"
John Ruskin,
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