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At Making Vision Reality we believe strongly in the power of Leadership. An organisation's strength is its people and without excellent leadership, that potential is lost.

It was Ghandi that stated, "We must become the change we seek in the world." Leaders therefore have to look at themselves to create the results they wish from their people.

Our experience is that any organisational change must start with the leaders. We help Leaders in all kinds of organisations develop their skills and get better results. Results come from the leader's belief in their sense of self. Good ideas require a mix of experience, skills and self determination by the leader to succeed.

We work with leaders to provide them with the skills and self-confidence to turn ideas into action. We help leaders to understand different personalities and beliefs and how they shape values, decision-making strategies, communication styles and management styles.

Our aim is to ensure participants gain a significantly greater insight into their own behaviour and appreciation of their staff, managers and colleagues. Our programs are designed to enhance leadership and management capability. We help turn personal strengths to competitive advantage.

We utilise leading edge tools, academic models and practical techniques to facilitate leadership and organisational development.

The aims of our leadership and management programs are to:

  • Enhance leadership talent and develop Personal Mastery for individuals
  • Build highly effective teams and individuals through People Management
  • Encourage Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration in the pursuit of organisational excellence
  • Develop leaders to recognise the power of beliefs and values and how these can be harnessed across an organisation
  • Provide tools and techniques to support strong management

We run a series of leadership programs and will tailor all of these for each organisation. Click here for more details

To find out more about our Leadership and Management programs, please contact the MVR office on 01825 712373 or e-mail at the address below:

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