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Time Management

Do you ever...

  1. Feel frustrated at the end of the day that you have not achieved what you wanted to do?
  2. Lack direction and running in ever decreasing circles? · Have a growing "to do" list?
  3. Want more "life" and less "work" in your day?
  4. Find others seem to rob you of your time?
  5. Have too many meetings that don't achieve what you expect?

We guess you have tried a number of things and maybe pills might help? Well, we don't have any, but we can help you.

The blurb on benefits: ·

We might not be able to keep you regular (we recommend lots of roughage); we can help you be more organised

  • Achieve key goals and priorities
  • Feel more in control and more fulfilled (yes we help at home too)
  • Reduced levels of stress and better work/life balance
  • And much, much more…

What can you expect?

Our workshop is the usual mix of group discussion and input from the trainer (hopefully not boring - although this can reduce stress through sleep being induced). During the workshop, there will be plenty of time and opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions - though we never overrun (wouldn't do at a time management workshop).

To support you we provide an inexpensive (to us and free to you) workbook crammed with ideas, tips and tools, just in case sleep did catch you up and you miss something.

Our Trainer - Craig Williams

Craig has worked with a wide range of public and public sector organisations (he really has) and has considerable business and line management experience. Craig enjoys working with participants to help them identify how they can, maximise their potential. He wrote this and so would like you to think he has some wit.

What is included?

Our fun, packed day starts with tea and coffee and the usual boring bits - introductions and then:

The Importance of time management and just how good are you?

  • Get rid of the clutter
  • Stop procrastinating - just do it
  • Working on the big stuff and not the chaff
  • Taking control of your time

Tools for organising your day

  • Dealing with interruptions·
  • Organise your day - the 15 minute priority·
  • Tackling time bandits·
  • Managing Meetings - different meetings for different purposes ·
  • Effective Delegation for you and your staff
  • Taking the stress out of deadlines

Identifying your key "roles" and goals - "who you are and what you want to achieve"

  • Personal and Business Goals
  • Setting goals - annual, monthly and weekly
  • Planning ahead
  • Prioritising - the difference between important and urgent
  • Identifying and removing obstacles and time bandits through using a personal time log

"Sharpening your Saw"·

  • Body - Physical Well-Being
  • Social
  • Mind· Spirit
  • Personal Action Planning

Do something, do anything…

We hope this appeals to you and so phone us (01825 712373 - we are lonely and would love to chat - after all we manage ourselves extremely well and can spare the time)

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